Heating and AirAt General Sheet Metal, Inc., we use our high level of experience with heating and air conditioning in Kila, MT, to offer exceptional services. Our locally owned and operated company has served area residents since 1942. As a family business, we want to earn the trust of each of our clients.

    Our goal is to keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the various seasons of the year. We ensure this by having a highly-trained team that can handle all makes and models of your HVAC system. We’re dedicated to complete customer satisfaction! We’re accredited by the BBB for our customer service excellence.

    Kila Heating and Cooling Repair

    At General Sheet Metal, Inc., we understand the dangers that a faulty HVAC system could create in your Kila home. For emergency repair situations, we offer 24/7 availability. You can trust our technicians to carefully diagnose the cause of any issue your system is having. Whether your air conditioner is making your home humid or your heater has a flickering pilot light, we can get the issue resolved efficiently and effectively.

    Several signs can indicate a problem with an HVAC system:
    • High energy bills
    • Strange noises
    • Unusual odors
    • Increased system cycling on and off

    Comprehensive Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

    If you have a heater or air conditioner that is more than 10 years old, you might want to start looking into your options for getting it replaced. A new and energy-efficient unit can be a great investment that lowers your home energy use and saves you a lot of money in the long run.

    At General Sheet Metal, Inc., we’re dedicated to installing HVAC systems that will be a great value for our Kila customers. We’ll install everything using high-quality parts and materials and set your new system up for optimal operation.

    Regular Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    To have complete peace of mind about the functionality of your HVAC system, you’ll want to schedule annual tune-ups for it. At General Sheet Metal, Inc., we can help you keep your Kila system running properly year after year. We’ll take the time to perform an array of adjustments that will optimize the functionality of your unit. You can trust us to alert you to any hidden problems that need attention in a timely manner. We’ll also check the HVAC air filters and let you know if those HVAC air filters need replacement.

    Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    As part of every tune-up, we’ll make sure that all the safety systems are functioning properly.

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    To learn more about the heating and air conditioning services we have available in Kila, give the team from General Sheet Metal, Inc. a call today.