October 20, 2020

Whether you are trying to save time or money, you may hesitate to change your HVAC’s air filters often. This will not only make your home less comfortable, but it can cause your HVAC to break under the increased strains that clogs could cause. Here are three reasons to change your air filter.

They Keep Your Air Cleaner

Dirty air coming from your HVAC will permeate your home. As a result, you will be breathing in dust particles and more harmful things. Breathing poor quality air can make you sicker, especially during flu season in the winter. Moreover, an air filter will help reduce the amount of other pollutants that are in your home. This will make it easier to breathe in your own home, and your house will not be a comfortable place.

Air Filters Increase the Efficiency of Your HVAC

When your HVAC system is clogged, it must work that much harder to do the job. The reduced efficiency will help drive up your electricity costs since it will require much more power to heat and cool your home. In turn, you will be paying more just to get dirty air in your home. When you change your air filter and have a less clogged HVAC, your system will work better with less strain on the system.

They Decrease Maintenance Costs

Besides reduced efficiency, clogged HVACs can result in even more dire consequences that can hit you in the wallet even harder. They can break down under the strain and could overheat. This will cause expensive repairs, and it may even mean the end of the useful life of your HVAC system. Frequently changing your air filters can cut maintenance costs by minimizing some of the burdens on your HVAC system.

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