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    Air Conditioning Company in Kalispell, MT
    General Sheet Metal, Inc. is the premier company for air conditioning serving the Kalispell, MT, area. Our business has been around since 1942, giving us more than half a century of experience. We’re an air conditioner contractor you can trust. Our company is accredited by the BBB and offers Energy Star-certified products. Kalispell reaches an average high of 82 degrees in the summer, so be sure to keep your home at a comfortable temperature with a working air conditioner. General Sheet Metal, Inc. is a professional HVAC contractor offering repair, installation, and maintenance services and we’re committed to excellence in all that we do.

    Benefits of relying on us as your air conditioning company:
    • 24/7 emergency repairs
    • Financing options available on approved credit for new installations
    • Maintenance agreements
    • Certified, experienced technicians

    Trusted Air Conditioning Contractor

    Trusted Kalispell Air Conditioning ContractorGeneral Sheet Metal, Inc. is an air conditioning company that stays available 24/7 for emergency repairs in Kalispell. We can repair all makes and models. Schedule AC repair as soon as you know something is wrong with your unit. Delaying only allows the problem to worsen.

    Signs your AC needs repair:
    • Leaks
    • Scraping, rattling, banging, or thumping sounds
    • Musty odors
    • Insufficient airflow
    • Inadequate cooling

    You should turn off the AC if it makes banging or scraping sounds to prevent extensive damage. Scraping indicates sharp metals coming into contact with other parts of the appliance. Banging noises can have many reasons behind them but often mean something is disconnected or broken.

    Trusted Kalispell Air Conditioning

    Efficient Air Conditioning Contractor for Installation

    When your air conditioner is at the end of its lifespan, you should prepare to replace it. AC units typically last 10 to 15 years when they’re taken care of, so if you’re nearing the end of that range, it’s probably time to consider AC installation. Choose a trustworthy AC contractor like General Sheet Metal, Inc. to install your new AC.

    An air conditioning system needs to be correctly installed to adequately cool your house without excessively using energy. Incorrectly installed units typically have issues with short cycling. General Sheet Metal, Inc. installs high-quality Bryant units for our clients in the Kalispell area. Bryant is a trusted brand known for quiet, energy-efficient appliances.

    Quality Maintenance of HVAC Systems

    Quality Maintenance of HVAC SystemsYou only need to contact an air conditioning contractor once a year for maintenance. General Sheet Metal, Inc. provides affordable, reliable AC maintenance throughout the Kalispell region. Why are AC tune-ups important? Maintenance keeps your system operating efficiently and prevents problems. Yearly maintenance also keeps your warranty valid for most manufacturers.

    Our AC company will conduct a thorough inspection of your system to catch problems in their beginning stages. We’ll also clean your AC, lubricate important components, and tighten any loose electrical connections.


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    Contact us today to schedule AC repair, installation, or maintenance as needed. We also offer the same range of heating services, plus custom sheet metal fabrications and custom countertops!
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