August 16, 2021
AC Protection from Smoke in Kalispell, MT

It’s no secret that wildfire smoke can pose a problem for your AC unit. People rely on their air conditioners on hot days to keep cool, often fearing they simply can’t avoid any damage that could be caused by wildfire smoke. There are, however, ways you can keep both yourself and your cooling system safe from wildfire toxins.

Eliminate Pollution Indoors

When wildfires are raging nearby, the outdoor air is already being filled with toxins. Since your air conditioner absorbs heat and moisture from the air indoors, it’s imperative that you keep the air as clean as possible so that you can keep your unit running. This means you should avoid doing anything from smoking or vaping to burning candles to using a gas stove. Anything that would fill the indoor air with any unnecessary pollution should be veered away from.

The air filter in your AC unit will already be working hard to filter out smoke from outside, and any extra toxins could cause it to stop working entirely. If you think your filter is out of date or not working correctly, you can always look into changing it, as a new filter could decrease problems significantly.

Close All Doors and Windows

Keeping all doors and windows closed whenever possible is one of the best ways to maintain indoor air quality and keep your air conditioner working smoothly. Protecting yourself is the most important thing, and if a wildfire is truly close and the air is severely toxic, you need your indoor air to be the best it can possibly be. With a high-functioning AC unit, staying in to avoid fire danger is a whole lot less inconvenient.

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