September 20, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Kalispell, MT

Annual maintenance on your heating system provides a long list of benefits. At the top of the list are longer equipment life and fewer heating failures. When your maintenance technician arrives to tune up your furnace, here are a few things that they will take care of.

Examining the Equipment

The inspection process allows your technician to find signs of wear and damage that need to be addressed. The venting system, intake grilles, electrical connections and belts will be examined. Any cracks will be noted, blockages and debris will be removed and items will be tightened as required.

Lubricating the Equipment

The moving parts inside your furnace can slow down with extended use. Lubricating these parts allows the equipment to operate smoothly and reliably. Included in the lubrication will be the motor bearings and blower parts.

When the end of winter arrives in Kalispell, locals can turn to General Sheet Metal, Inc. for complete maintenance services. Our maintenance technicians are fully trained and experienced to take care of all makes and models.

Testing the Equipment

Testing your thermostat and the blower motor are also part of your furnace maintenance service. The technician is looking for the right level of amp draw from the motor and other electrical components. Your thermostat will also be tested and recalibrated. The startup cycle and any safety controls built into the system are included too.

Addressing Repairs

Most furnace maintenance services do not include the cost of repairs. However, the technician will provide you with a breakdown of any damage found that requires a repair. Repairs are usually made after the tune-up and at the request of the homeowner.

General Sheet Metal, Inc. is a locally owned and operated full-service heating and cooling company serving all of Kalispell. We’re BBB accredited and A+ rated. We provide repairs, installations and replacement services on air conditioners and heating systems. We also have our own sheet metal fabrication shop. Call us today to schedule a service visit for your residential property.

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