October 19, 2021
Space Heater Safety in Kalispell, MT

Each year, when the temperatures in Kalispell, Montana, get chilly, people turn to their convenient space heaters. Space heaters are designed to quickly heat rooms of the home that just don’t get warm enough with the use of an HVAC system. While space heaters are nice to have, they can also be dangerous when not used properly. Luckily, there are some space heater safety tips that you can follow in order to protect your home and family.

Unplug and Turn Off Your Unit

When you’re not in the process of using your space heater, always make sure it’s turned to the off position and it’s unplugged from the wall. This will prevent the unit from running when you’re not aware of it.

Watch Where You Keep Your Heater

The location of your space heater is important. Always place the heater on a surface that is completely flat. Keep it away from the edge of a table or a step where it could easily be knocked off. It’s best to keep your heater away from areas that have a lot of foot traffic nearby. Too many people passing through can make for a dangerous situation if the heater gets bumped.

A Safe Distance

Space heaters should always have three feet of space all the way around them. You don’t want it to be anywhere near an area that has something flammable like clothing, furniture or papers.

Inspection of Your Space Heater

Regardless of the age of your space heater, make sure that you routinely inspect it for any damage. Damage can include issues with the unit itself or the cord attached to it. If you notice there’s a problem, discard the unit properly and purchase a new one.

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