July 26, 2021
Noisy AC in Kalispell, MT

Getting a good night’s rest while your AC unit is hissing, squealing, or rattling is almost impossible. Luckily, you don’t have to just accept the perceptible nagging of your AC. Here are four ways you can troubleshoot commonly reported AC noises.

1. High Pitched Noises

High-pitched squealing noises coming from your AC unit may signal high pressure under the hood, particularly within the condenser unit. The pressure build-up may be caused by airflow restriction due to high debris accumulation. Clear the debris from the condenser and re-check the readings on your condenser’s gauge.

2. Buzzing Noises

Buzzing sounds from your AC unit may indicate a loose fan blade or outdoor fan motor. Other possible culprits include a soiled condenser coil, loose parts, and blockage near the copper lines running through your AC. Either way, you’ll have to open up the AC’s exterior portion to check if there are loose parts or if your condenser coil needs cleaning.

3. Pulsating Noises

Pulsating noises may indicate vibrations in the compressor chamber. If you have a mini-split system, access the exterior portion and check for the compressor. Check the base where the compressor is nested on. Plastic bases, for instance, can break and create instability and vibrations. Replace the plastic base with a wooden platform that can help minimize vibrations.

4. Rattling Noises

If your AC unit produces a rattling sound, check the panels, which more than likely have come loose. In addition to an unhinged panel door, it might also be dirt and debris from the exterior side of the AC, a misaligned fan, or damaged motors. If you identify the problem to be the latter, it’s best to consult a trained technician to do the repair or replacement for you.

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