April 12, 2021
Technician working on furnace

As you leave the cold Montana winter behind, you might be just as glad to stop thinking about your furnace for a while. But if you have a gas furnace, you can probably save time and money by actively turning it off instead of letting the thermostat handle it. Doing this will depend on what sort of HVAC system you have!

Turning Off Your Gas Furnace for the Summer Can Save You Money

You might wonder whether this step is really needed. After all, you have a thermostat, don’t you? Won’t that keep the furnace from turning on when it’s not needed?

Well, mostly. But if your system has a pilot light, then that small flame stays constantly lit. That means it’s burning gas all through the summer when you don’t need it.

What’s more, your furnace also has a number of electrical controls and sensors. These are necessary when the furnace is operational, but they use electrical power.

These gas and electrical costs can add up to a significant amount. Turning off your furnace in the summer can save you an average of $50 a year.

And that’s not considering what can happen if your kids monkey with the thermostat. That can lead to unexpected costs if you have an operational furnace for them to turn on.

Who Shouldn’t Turn off their Furnace?

Many modern furnace systems no longer use a pilot light, but rely on electronic ignition instead. If you have this sort of system, turning it off probably won’t save you much money.

If your furnace works in conjunction with your air conditioner as part of a central AC system, then you shouldn’t turn it off. In this sort of system, the furnace fans help circulate air around the house.

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