May 24, 2021
High Humidity in Kalispell, Montana

Whether indoors or out, excess humidity is a real concern for residents of Kalispell, MT. This is especially true when it comes to the performance and efficiency of their air conditioning systems. If you have continuously damp, humid living environment, your cooling system is doing far more work than it should. When the weather outdoors is excessively humid, your air conditioner’s outside compressor is subject to additional strain as well.

The Problem With Excess Humidity Inside of Your Home

Too much humidity indoors is guaranteed to make everyone feel hot and sweaty. Unfortunately, even with the air conditioner on, these feelings will persist. Not only are air conditioners designed to cool building interiors down, but they’re also tasked with the challenge of regulating moisture. Thus, in humid conditions, air conditioners wind up working a lot harder than normal, and their efforts are far less effective.

Given that heavy, humid air is a lot warmer than dry air, the cooling effects of air conditioners are diminished. As a result, homeowners wind up paying more to run their air conditioners, and this costly equipment takes on extra wear. Consistently humid indoor environments can cause air conditioning systems to break down long before the end of their expected lifespans have been reached. Worst of all, comfortable temperature and humidity levels are rarely achieved.

How Humid Weather Affects Your Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Condenser

For air conditioners, humidity inside of the home isn’t the only problem. Whenever there are high levels of humidity outdoors, the outside condenser suffers. This is because humid air often carries a lot of debris. This extra dirt, dust, dander, and other particulates can build up on the condenser’s fins and coils. Moreover, it will eventually cause the component to overheat. Kalispell residents can clean this component themselves to prevent harmful buildup, or they can schedule professional HVAC maintenance more often during the late spring and summer seasons.

Tips for Preventing Humidity-Related Problems

There are several ways to prevent excess humidity in your home. Make sure that your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are clean and fully functional. Check to ensure that your attic insulation has an adequate R-value and that there’s enough of it. If you’ve got problems with the following, consider having a whole-house dehumidifier installed.

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Pervasive musty odors
  • Condensation-covered windows

Humid weather and excessively humid living environments can take a major toll on your home cooling equipment. At General Sheet Metal, Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of heating, cooling, and custom fabrication services in Kalispell, MT. If high humidity is affecting the efficiency of your air conditioner, or if your system is in need of preventative maintenance, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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