March 9, 2021
Garage Heater

Garages aren’t designed to stay warm when it’s cold out. They lack insulation and have a cold concrete floor. You can use yours throughout the year, though, if you keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Insulate Your Garage

If you’re going to heat your garage, first insulate it so that warm air stays inside. Put insulation on the walls, ceiling, and garage doors. This will reduce the cost of heating your garage.

Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant floor heat is a great way to heat your garage, especially if you enjoy working on cars. It’s best to install radiant floor heating when you’re building your garage as otherwise, all the existing floor needs to be torn out and replaced. Heat is supplied by a boiler that circulates hot water through pipes in the floor.

Radiant Ceiling Panels

You can have radiant ceiling panels installed to heat your garage in the winter. They are energy efficient and can quickly heat space. These are a better option than radiant floor heating in an existing garage.

A Ductless Mini-split

You can have a ductless mini-split system installed to heat your garage. This system includes an outdoor unit, called the compressor, and an air-handling unit in the garage. The two units are connected and use electricity.

A Wall-Mounted Electric Heater

These are similar to portable space heaters but are safer as they can’t be knocked over and there’s no cord to trip over. The heater is hard-wired to your home’s electrical system.

A Convection Heater

You can have a convection heater installed in your garage. They can be powered by electricity, gas, or propane. Depending on which type you buy, your garage will heat up more slowly or quickly.

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