September 20, 2020

While air conditioning systems are essential, the outdoor AC unit is boxy and not that attractive to look at. As long as you don’t block airflow, there are ways to creatively hide it from view.

Lattice Vine Wall

You can put a lattice wall in front of your outdoor AC unit and grow flowering vines on it. You should put the wall at least a few feet away so that airflow isn’t blocked and heat coming out of the unit doesn’t harm the flowers.

Painted Pallet Screen

You can make a decorative screen out of an old shipping pallet and paint. You can use stencils on the pallet if you’re not artistically inclined. Another idea is to have your kids paint their handprints on it.

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Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is an affordable, durable, and easy way to conceal your outdoor AC unit. You just need to put a gate on one side so that it can be accessed for maintenance.

Old Shutters

Instead of throwing out old shutters, you can repurpose them to hide your cooling system. You can give them a fresh coat of paint to make them nice to look at.

Bamboo Screen

Bamboo is a natural solution to concealing your air conditioner. It’s very strong and durable. You’ll want to buy bamboo that has been treated to make sure it’s resistant to rot.

Pallet Planter

You can stack pallets vertically in front of your AC unit and use it as a planter. To make it even more presentable, hang some lanterns or ornaments from it.

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