August 11, 2020
Updated On: 10/12/23

Cold spots can happen in your home due to a variety of reasons. These cold spots cause your house to be uncomfortable and use more electricity than necessary. Understanding the common causes of these cold spots is important to help you find the best solution to this problem. Taking the time to reach out to an HVAC company in your area is always a good idea due to their expertise in the industry.

Wrong-Sized Unit

When an air conditioning unit isn’t the correct size for your home, it makes it nearly impossible to cool your house efficiently. A wrong-sized unit can impact your home in many different ways, whether it’s fluctuating temperatures, the air is too cold, or if your home is too humid. Getting a professional to check your HVAC system is essential to help you determine if you need a new unit that best matches the size of your home.

Improperly Designed Ductwork

Another common cause of cold spots in your house is due to air ducts that weren’t properly designed during the installation process. Your ductwork may also have cracks or holes, which can cause you to lose anywhere between 20% to 30% of your hot or cool air. Reaching out to an HVAC technician to inspect your ductwork is always a good idea to find the true source of the problem.

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