If you want a company that specializes in all things heating and cooling in Lakeside, MT, turn to us at General Sheet Metal, Inc.. Established in 1942, our business has kept up with every change in the heating and cooling industry. With our high-quality repair, installation, and maintenance work, we continue to ensure that homeowners get year-round indoor comfort for a reasonable rate. Energy efficiency is a big focus of ours, so it’s no wonder that we carry a wide range of products with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR label.

    Customers love us for more than our professionalism, though. Being a local, family-owned and -operated company, we treat everyone like a friend or neighbor. We personalize every project, are respectful of each customer’s property, and do our best to minimize the disruption we cause to people’s schedules. Clients trust us because we’re accredited by the BBB, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every job.

    Lakeside HVAC Repairs Done Right

    Is your heater or AC short-cycling and creating different ideal temperatures for air conditioning or heating from one end of your home to the other? Do you hear rattling or banging noises while it’s in operation? Short of a complete breakdown, these are just some of the signs that should prompt you to call a repair technician. Fortunately, we have flexible scheduling and even make ourselves available 24/7 for emergency repairs. From bad motors to leaking refrigerant lines, there’s no problem we can’t face. Our technicians welcome all makes and models of ducted and ductless units. Thanks to our fully stocked trucks, we can fix many systems without a second appointment.

    Expert Heating and Cooling Installation

    Whether you’re building a new home or you already have a comfort system, buying a brand-new unit can be a stressful experience. After all, it takes up so much of your time and can set you back thousands of dollars. Our company takes the worry out of everything, though. You’ll love our selection of Bryant products and our technicians’ honest recommendations. If you’re on the fence about replacing a unit that’s old but still running, we’ll tell you what’s more cost-effective in the long run.

    We take the following into account:
    • Your home’s size and rate of heat loss
    • Your budget and personal preferences
    • Your home’s insulation and exposure to the sun
    • The age and condition of your current equipment

    Benefits of Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    We recommend that homeowners get annual maintenance for both their heater and AC system. The benefits far outweigh the costs and could include a lower energy bill, more efficient performance, and a more durable system. Tune-ups cover everything from visual system inspection and cleaning to minor adjustments and calibration.

    At General Sheet Metal, Inc., we’re ready to tackle any of your HVAC needs in Lakeside, so call today for a consultation.