January 5, 2024
Furnace installation and maintenance

It’s common for a new furnace to produce a burning smell the first few times you turn it on. This smell is from an oil coating in the furnace. It dies away about an hour after turning on the system. However, sometimes, the odor continues as long as the system operates. Other times, it’s a different odor. So, what’s going on?

1. Gas Leaks

Do not ignore the smell of natural gas or propane. The room may smell like rotten eggs if you have a gas leak. Most gas companies add a harmless chemical to let homeowners detect gas leaks. The leak could be a result of damaged parts or incomplete combustion. Turn off the gas valve and evacuate the house immediately.

2. Dust Accumulation

Dust may accumulate on internal components if you last used your furnace some time ago. As your furnace ignites, it burns the dust and blows it into the house. This smell is typical and will dissipate after a while. However, if the burning smell lingers on for over an hour, it may indicate overheating.

3. Oil Furnace Issues

If you have an oil furnace, a strong oil smell could indicate a leak. Check for oil and oil lines around the furnace. If you detect a leak, shut off the system and contact a professional for repairs. Soot buildup due to incomplete combustion may also produce the oil smell.

4. Mold and Mildew Growth

If your home has high humidity levels, mold and mildew may have grown in the ductwork. This will produce a musty smell. Professional cleaning and sanitization will help get rid of the smell.

5. Dead Animals

In rare cases, small animals and insects may find their way into the furnace or ductwork and get trapped. The furnace will blow the smell of decomposing animals into your house.

Unusual odors are a sign you must contact your professional HVAC provider to check the cause. At General Sheet Metal, Inc., we offer exceptional heating and cooling services to residents of Kalispell, MT. Our company is BBB accredited and ENERGY STAR certified. We offer heating and cooling system installation, repairs, and maintenance services in all makes and models. Contact General Sheet Metal, Inc. today, and enjoy our highly regarded comfort services.

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