April 24, 2023
AC Maintenance in Kalispell, MT
Updated On: 10/12/23

It seems easy enough to perform a lot of repairs when your AC has a problem, especially with the number of videos available online. However, trying to perform air conditioning service for yourself comes with several inherent risks. Consider the following risks of attempting DIY AC service before hunting down the next video.

Invalidating Factory Warranty

AC manufacturers understand the risk of causing accidental damage when attempting AC service without the proper training and equipment. This is why the factory warranty often comes with a term that a professional must perform all services to the unit.

Increased Energy Costs

It’s common for untrained people attempting AC service to cause lower efficiency. This efficiency reduction translates into more energy consumption and higher cooling costs.

Reduced efficiency often happens because you may not understand everything connected to what you believe is the problem. Further, it’s easy to forget or skip steps that may impact AC performance when you haven’t received the proper training. Professional technicians can conduct testing to solve the whole problem.

Higher Repair Costs

Two aspects of DIY AC service cause higher repair costs. First, the repair you’re attempting right now may cause damage that will require additional repairs. The second is that incomplete or erroneous repairs can cause other components to wear out more quickly.

Personal Safety

Your personal safety is one of the primary concerns when thinking about DIY air conditioner service. Your unit has a large electrical draw to make the compressor work. Your AC draws so many amps that you risk more than just a shock. It could possibly cause your heart to stop. Professional technicians know how to properly work around this high amp electrical environment.

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