March 18, 2022
Used Furnace in Kalispell, MT

A furnace eventually reaches a point where it needs replacing, and a homeowner might have a tough time deciding on a new or used one. While purchasing a used furnace is more affordable, it does come with risks. This article discusses a few of those risks below.

Ownership History

The buyer should be prudent about choosing a seller. Purchasing from a private seller could lead to buying a model with defects the seller doesn’t even know exists. The average homeowner is not qualified to perform furnace inspections. There may also be issues with the furnace that the seller just doesn’t disclose. You would need a licensed HVAC professional present to inspect the unit to ensure there are no issues that would pose a risk to you or your family.

Wear and Tear

A used furnace most likely has several years of use under its belt and isn’t going to last as long as a new one would. It is also hard to receive an accurate maintenance or repair history. The lack of this information makes it difficult to determine if the purchase is worth your while.

Kalispell residents can call General Sheet Metal, Inc. to inquire about our furnaces. Our team also provides heating and cooling repair and maintenance services to keep your unit in the best shape.

No Warranty

A warranty will cover manufactured defects provided the owner does not do anything to void it. Likely, the warranty may not transfer to a new owner if uninstalled and moved. Even if the warranty could transfer, the coverage may have already ended.

The original plan involves saving money on a furnace purchase. Wear and tear and no warranty could leave the homeowner paying for parts and labor out of pocket. A new furnace costs more up front but will save you money in the long run. It may be better to contact a distributor offering certified refurbished models that could come with some type of warranty or return policy.

Our family-owned businesses launched in 1942, and we want to help local residents with their HVAC needs. Besides heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and installations, General Sheet Metal, Inc. offers sheet metal fabrication and indoor air quality work. Contact us to request an estimate today!

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