August 15, 2022
New Ductwork in Kalispell, MT
Updated On: 10/12/23

While many people tend to use the same HVAC ductwork for many years, it is important to have this equipment replaced after about 15 to 25 years. Its cleanliness and overall condition degrade significantly during this time. Technicians at General Sheet Metal, Inc. have many years of experience installing HVAC ductwork and understand the following benefits that new ducts can provide.

1. Greater Efficiency

New ductwork will efficiently move air from the HVAC system to different rooms in your home. An old or aging unit, on the other hand, will wear out and develop cracks or holes that allow significant amounts of air to leak. Ultimately, this leads to increased energy bills.

2. Cleaner Air

The cracks and holes found in old HVAC systems can easily allow dust and other pollutants to get into indoor air and circulate throughout your home. Note that the interior surfaces of old ducts can gather dirt, mold, and other debris that contributes to poor air quality. New ductwork will prevent your HVAC system from sending dust particles and other debris into your living areas.

3. Optimal Size

Using old ductwork with a new HVAC system is a recipe for trouble. Your unit may perform inefficiently, require frequent repairs, and produce a lot of noise. It would be good to have a professional install ductwork that’s compatible with your existing system.

4. Increased HVAC Unit Lifespan

Ductwork can have a big effect on the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. The less air that is lost, the more efficient your HVAC unit performs. Your equipment will face less wear and tear if it is not overworked.

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