May 17, 2022
AC Maintenance in Kalispell, MT

A clogged AC drain line can cause serious water leaks in your home. Clogs are common issues that occur because of accumulated mildew, debris and mold. You can easily remove the buildup and protect your air conditioning with these easy steps.

Unclogging the Drain Line

Clogged AC drain lines often leak water, emit unpleasant odors and lower your indoor air quality. Unclogging your drain line is easy and only requires a few household items. Before starting the unclogging process, grab a wet/dry vacuum and some vinegar.

Never attempt to dismantle or maintain your air conditioner without first turning off the power. Switch off both your thermostat and AC power from the breaker box. Single-family homes often have the drain line outside near the condenser unit. Look for a white PVC pipe with a cap on it.

This cap should come off easily without any tools. Once it’s removed, check for any visible debris inside the pipe. Remove everything you can, then slowly pour about a cup of vinegar into the drain pipe. Wait about 30 minutes before turning your air conditioner on.

If your air conditioner is older or hasn’t received regular maintenance, you may need the wet/dry vacuum. Slowly slide the nozzle of the vacuum into the pipe to suck out any water or debris. While this process can be completed by yourself, your air conditioner still needs routine maintenance and repairs from a professional. Schedule an appointment with a technician to ensure your system is efficient and up-to-date.

Reliable HVAC Specialists

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